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LABRADA – Lean Body Ready to Drink Protein Shake, Convenient On-The-Go Meal Replacement Shake for Men & Women, 20 Grams of Protein – Zero Sugar, Lactose & Gluten Free, Vanilla (Pack of 4)

Product Features:

    :Introducing Labrada’s Lean Body RTD Protein Shake, Your One-And-Done Meal On-The-GoWhen hunger strikes, or you need to top up your energy with a healthy, mouth-watering post-workout protein drink, then you know what to do.Labrada Means More Energy For You!You reach in your bag and pull out your Lean…
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Product Description

Product Description:
Introducing Labrada’s Lean Body RTD Protein Shake, Your One-And-Done Meal On-The-Go
When hunger strikes, or you need to top up your energy with a healthy, mouth-watering post-workout protein drink, then you know what to do.
Labrada Means More Energy For You!
You reach in your bag and pull out your Lean Body RTD Protein Shake!
Then, you take off its cap and start enjoying your flavorful drink, which not only gives your body a much-needed protein boost, but also helps support your muscle recovery and muscle tone, too!
This way, you go about your day feeling fuller and content, staying away from binging on unhealthy snacks and junk food, which provide little nutritional value, and certainly set you back from achieving your fitness goals.
Get 25% MORE Protein and 50% LESS Fat!
You can’t beat the math!
Developed from our world-renowned food scientists, our RTD protein shake beats the current leading brand of aseptic RTD in the most crucial factors that make for the ultimate protein drink – and that is its protein and fat content.
And, thanks to its impeccable formulation, our RTD shake gives you far more than just protein.
Just take a peek at its amazing nutritional stats:
Key Features:
40G of high-quality protein
280 calories
0 Sugar
0 Trans Fat
22 Vitamins & Minerals
Rich source of fiber
Suitable for most people with allergies and sensitivities.
Here’s Your Chance To Feel Lean & Fit With Every Sip!
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Product Features

  • GET 20G OF PROTEIN ON-THE-GO: Forget time-consuming meal prep and counting food protein content. With Labrada’s Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Protein Shake you get a whopping 20g of protein in one tasty drink! Just enjoy your shake and imagine how each creamy, delicious sip will bring you closer to achieving your fitness goals and attaining the lean body of your dreams. Choose between our 3 available flavors – or try them all to find your new, lifelong favorite RTD protein shake!
  • WELL-ROUNDED MEAL REPLACEMENT WITH 22 VITAMINS & MINERALS: Perfect as a pre- or post-workout snack, our Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Protein Shake is a wholesome meal in and of itself! It contains 22 vitamins and minerals, including, but not limited to, Vitamin A; Vitamin E; Biotin; Riboflavin; Potassium; Magnesium and Zinc! Our drink is a nutritional powerhouse that helps your body recover from exercise, all while aiding in fighting any deficiencies that might be bringing your energy levels down!
  • BOOST YOUR METABOLISM & CURB SUGAR CRAVINGS: Labrada’s Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Protein Shake makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time, allowing you to better manage your weight. Jammed packed with protein and fiber, our drink also helps boost your metabolism, curb those pesky sugar and junk food cravings and keep you on track with maintaining a healthy diet. And, since protein is the building block of muscles, each Lean Body Protein Shake is a true investment towards making those gains!
  • GLUTEN AND SUGAR-FREE PROTEIN DRINK: Our protein shake is formulated without gluten and sugar, making it ideal for those with allergies and food sensitivities. What’s more, contrary to other protein shakes on the market, our drink is also free of soy protein, which studies have shown to be a very controversial food source. So chug away knowing you’ve made the best meal replacement choice with Labrada’s Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Protein Shake!
  • LABRADA’S SCIENCE-BACKED SEAL OF QUALITY: With over 20 years of experience in developing advanced sports supplements, we have created an elite product range that is trusted by professional athletes, nutrition specialists and people like you who wish to improve their fitness and dietary regimens. Our strict third-party testing, potent ingredients and exclusive formulas are the reasons for our success, and we are happy to share it with you! Click Add To Cart NOW And Feel The Difference Yourself!.